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    Apparantly you can been entire Datebook catagories back and forth between two palms. This sounds like a nice feature for the wife and I to use, but there is a question.

    If she changes things after the beaming and then we beam again, do we "sync up" or will I now have here old, bad appointments in addition to here new, correct appointments?

    Is there a way, in the beaming options, to have the category that she beams overwrite the one that's already there?
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    i vaguely remember an option like that but there's another way to do this that might work.

    Put all your plans under a catagory by your name and tell her to put her plans under a catagory named after her. Have her sync her catagory to you and you sync your catagory to her.

    Then set up Datebk4 to only show the catagories with her's and your name. That way when she adds something to 'her' catagory it'll update to your visor under 'her' catagory.

    If you understood any of this you're a better man than me. but hopefully you got the picture.
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    Will EVERYTHING in that category be replaced? If not, I will be left with items that my wife had already deleted or modified in addition to any new ones.
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    Isn't beam a "from-to" arrangement rather than syncing? I seem to remember that the receiving Visor asks if you want to receive the info. Of course, A can beam to B, and then in a separate operation, B can beam back to A. But wouldn't each beam rewrite the info?
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    too confusing to the bottom section of page 36 in the Datebk4 manual. It will explain everything (and clearly too!) on how you can setup Datebk4 on both visors.

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    Thanks. You're right, it is very clear.
    There is an option to have the beamed catagory "overwrite" the catagory, hence no duplicates, but no real syncing, either.

    Thanks again.

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