Seidio GPS in the Box for Treo 650 (Wired Receiver Version)

The Seidio GPS in the Box is a one stop shopping for your Navigation setup. It is convenient, time saving, and hassle-free.

Everything you will need to setup a complete Navigation system is all in this one box. Seidioís GPS in the Box is the solution to your hassle with Navigation software and hardware compatibility. You no longer have to worry whether your GPS Receiver, software, and the mounting hardware are compatible with one another. All the research and testing have been done and now you donít have to spend the extra time and energy to find the perfect fit. We have made it all easy for you with our GPS in the Box.

The box includes the following:

-a complete Seidio G2500 Car Kit
-Seidio SGR-300 Wired Receiver
-Mapopolis Navigation Software (Download version for the most updated mapping software)

**GPS in the Box is also available for Treo 600

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