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    any recommendations on a good spreadsheet program for a Visor? especially something that has an interface for importing and exporting to excel without going through changing it to a .CSV file.
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    Have you checked out tinysheet? I have never tried it myself but I heard that is is pretty good. Maybe you try a search for "spreadsheet" at
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    I have been using QuickSheet from Cutting Edge Software.

    It has a conduit that sync's directly with Excel. And probably has the best "Feature Set" of all the Palm spreadsheet programs.
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    Guido, I've tried a number of the demo vesions of spreadsheets for the Palm - and have settled on MiniCalc [currently v 4.3], which I've been using for 3-4 months now.
    - The deciding factor was the ease which which I can move SS from my desktop to the visor. Basically, on install, MC adds a menu choice to the Excel menus. Then you just click, then sync to get the SS to the visor.
    - Simplest of all.

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