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    Can anyone who has the Sena case with the rachet style clip comment on whether it works with the older style clips? I use the stick-on hangers in the Jeep to hold the phone when driving.

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    Doesn't seem to be.
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    The sena belt clip is compatible with the Krusell slide in belt clip. I have a Krusell case from my 600 that I dont use anymore and I am using that Krusell belt clip with my Sena case because of the fact that the Krusell belt clip is slimmer then the fat clip I got with my Sena case. So I know that clip is slimmer. And Krusell also has a slide in belt clip that is super thin that you can use as well. If you already have a slip in hanger in your car it should work.

    But you can also go to target and buy a universal belt kit for around $8 and it comes with about 5 different kinds of mounts that will usually work with most belt clips. And if my memory serves me correctly it has a car hanger in there as well. But If you already have a krusell hanger in your car it really should work.

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    Thanks, I'll check on that. I'm looking for an easy way to go from belt to car.

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