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    My order status has been stuck on Carrier Credit Check for 2 days now. I have been told this shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.

    I talked to Palm and they said I should talk to Cingular.

    I talked to like 8 different departments at Cingular who didn't know how to help me. They tell me that my credit information is not in the system and that if the check had been submitted it would still be in the system... pass, fail, or otherwise.

    So, I can wait a couple of more days to see if it ever goes through or I can cancel and start my order over... and probably give up any chance of getting to keep the $19.99 Media Works.

    I'm currently on hold with PalmOne again to see if I can talk to someone there that can fix this.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I wouldn't give up hope on the MediaWorks package. I activated my phone yesterday (after I think they announced the price bump) and just asked the guy for it while he was setting me up. No problem he said and put it (for $20/unlim). And he knew I had a Treo 650.
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    I actually had the same thing happen to me before I cancelled my order. When I called palm, they said "It might say that before the phone is in stock. We'll put a hold on performing the credit check because after the credit check you only have 14 days to cancel without penalty". As to why they change it from Backorder to Carrier Credit Check when it's still backordered is anyone's guess.
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    Strange. I talked to Palm again and they guy said that their Cingular person was curently finishing up all of the credit checks and that they should be done by the end of the day. (Friday)

    Not sure what he was smoking, but he was implying that they had this girl sitting there punching in all of the info for the carrier credit checks by hand...??? I refuse to believe that with everything now being computerized that someone would actually have to sit there and hand enter all of the stuff from my order.

    When I asked him if that meant I should expect to see my order status update by tomorrow (Saturday) morning, he said no.. It could take a while for the status to update because they only update the webpage twice a day.

    As of 11:30, still on Carrier Credit check. 48 hours + at this status and counting...

    I want my 650.
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    My status also changed to "Carrier Credit Check" back on 2/9. It has been saying that ever since and now its 2/14. I felt confident I would pass any sort of credit check, but now I am getting nervous about my order.
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    Mine still says Carrier Credit Check too. I'm going to call tonight after my minutes are free. I used up over a hundred minutes last week on hold with Cingular or Palm.. The last thing I want to do is run up my phone bill trying to get a new phone!!

    I noticed that my order status page has my work phone number down as my shipping and billing phone number, but I'm shipping to my house, not work.. Could that be causing a problem? I don't know if they actually look at the phone numbers when checking with the credit card company?

    I would have put my mobile number down, but the online form said I had to put a number down other than the one I was porting over...
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    Sweet! I just got an e-mail from PalmOne sales saying Cingular has approved my plan and they are sending the order to the warehouse to ship. The PalmOne site still shows my status as "Carrier Credit Check" though.
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    Mine now says Manual Carrier Review. This was after I called back and finally convinced a manager to look into what the hold up was. They said they were going to call me back and let me know, but I haven't heard a word from them. (Talked to them Monday night.) If I don't get a shipping email today then I will call back AGAIN....
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    Cancel it!
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    I don't want to cancel it since it now seems to be making some sort of progress... And of course I don't want to have to try to convince Cingular that my next order should be given the $19.99 Media Works plan...

    If they give me the run around again tonight when I call I may cancel it though.
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    Woohoo. They asked me to go to a Cingular store to verify my identity. I've now gotten my notice that the order has been sent to the warehouse for shipping.

    About time.
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    DOH!!! My T-Mobile account was deactivated today but I won't get my phone until Monday!! Unless Fed-Ex overnight delivers on Saturdays... Which I am pretty sure they don't.

    I asked them specifically if this would happen and they said NO. (Number portability)

    Hope no ones is looking for me this weekend as that is my only phone line...

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