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    Looking for some good games. Any recommendations?

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    bejewelled II?
    fish tycoon ?
    plant tycoon ?
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    Where is a good site/store to buy games for the 650?
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    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    CRC -- NESEm, Warfare Inc

    Can anyone suggest a good Spades or Hearts game?
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    If you want "Gameboy" kinds of arcade style games, I strongly reccomend NesEM. It's incredible how good the graphics and sound in this emulator are, and the games are actually quite playable (despite them originally being for a full size Nintendo Entertainment System). Some of them (such as some of the Super Mario Worlds) were directly ported by Nintendo to GameBoy Advanced ROM's, and are almost the same as playing these games on a GBA (except the Treo is not quite as good from a button/controller perspective). You can get literally hundreds of ROM's for playing by registering this one emulator (presuming of course that you own the original ROMS... ).

    Other games I like are Bejewled (of course), and if you are a fan of Yahtzee, I reccomend yahtChallenge as a great variation. I don't think it "officially" licenses the Yahtzee name, but unlike the more expensive officially licensed version, it does let you play against computerized players, which adds a wrinkle. This game is probably the longest running piece of shareware I've run on the Palm platform, with me owning some registered version of it for over 5 years. I recently paid the upgrade fee to move to version 4.0... definately worth it!
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    I would suggest LJP over NesEm, even after having bought the latter. The sound is a bit better and its free.

    Palm-specific games I like:

    Bejeweled 2
    GTS Racing Challenge

    Still waiting for Flux Challenge to be ported over.
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    Warfare Inc
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    Warfare Inc looks pretty nice. How big is the app, and it can it be run from the SD?

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    2.6 meg / Yes

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