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    What is the best "PIM" software to use with OSX for the Treo 650. I will be getting one in a few weeks and I'm trying to find out now.

    I've heard of a Agendus but I don't know if that's just software for the Treo. I doesn't mention MAC anywhere on the website.

    I'm looking for something at least as complete as "Outlook" but for the MAC.

    I do have access to a PC but I would rather sync the Treo with my MAC.

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    Entourage is Miscrosoft's equivalent of Outlook, for Mac. I don't know why they give it a different name; it's essentially the same. There are compatability issues with Outlook, but it seems to be a pretty good PIM and has reasonable project planning functions built in.
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    As far as PIM software goes for the Mac, the main options are Microsoft Entourage (very close to Outlook) and Apple's iCal and Addressbook. There's also the Palm Desktop software for Mac, which is free but pretty much worthless in my opinion.

    Agendus is a PIM suite for the Treo only, but it uses the standard Datebook databases so you can sync information between Agendus and your Mac using Hotsync or The Missing Sync. The Treo also comes with the built in Palm OS datebook, addressbook and task applications, which are very good in my opinion. I tried Agendus but it was a bit more than I needed, and it crashed my Treo quite a lot, so I just reverted to using the built in apps.

    Syncing is another matter however...On a Mac you have 2 options for syncing, Hotsync and The Missing Sync. Below are some advantages and disadvantes to both.

    Hotsync Advantages:
    -Free with your Treo, along with Palm Desktop.
    -Can sync with iCal and Addressbook, via Apple's free iSync conduit

    Hotsync Disadvantages:
    -Doesn't support Entourage syncing (to my knowledge)

    Missing Sync Advantages:
    -Sync with iCal, Addressbook or Entourage
    -iPhoto and iTunes integration for copying music and photos to Treo
    -Works with most Hotsync conduits

    Missing Sync Disadvantages:
    -Costs $40

    These are the Mac syncing options that I am aware of at the moment. I personally use Hotsync and the Apple conduit to sync my Treo with iCal and Addressbook, since I prefer those apps to Entourage. Also they are free, whereas Entourage only comes in the slightly pricey Microsoft Office Mac suite if you don't already have it.

    Hope this helps!
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    There are two other desktop Mac PIM apps that do have the ability to sync with a Palm:

    Organizer by Chronos
    Up to Date & Contact by Now Software

    I haven't tried either, but I have heard good things about both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by macs4god
    Missing Sync Advantages:
    -Sync with iCal, Addressbook or Entourage
    -iPhoto and iTunes integration for copying music and photos to Treo
    -Works with most Hotsync conduits

    Missing Sync Disadvantages:
    -Costs $40
    If you don't use MissingSync, how do you get pictures back and forth from iPhoto? How do you transfer mp3's?

    Does anyone who has MissingSync think it's DEFINITELY worth the $40?

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    You can load photos and mp3s manually onto a storage card with an SD Card reader. The Missing Sync comes with a Palm program that allows the Mac to mount the Palm's file system (including SD Card) in order to transfer media files. You can load files manually by putting them into the appropriate directories on the card (Audio for music, I'm not sure about photos)
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    I worked with entourage 2004 for a while, but I have switched back to using Life Balance by llamagraphics and I like it much better. Life Balance has an integrated outliner that allows you to plan your projects, and then automatically assign steps as calendar or todo items. It has unlimited categories and it integrates with datebk 5 very nicely. I have also been quite pleased with the new version of Stickybrain by chronos, who just came out with a 3.3 version yesterday.

    So for me, it is LifeBalance for calendar and todo, Stickybrain for memos, Mac addressbook and Mac mail, and Missing sync for syncing. Its the best system for me, and I have looked at them all.

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