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    I've purchased a Visor for my son who is heading off to college and I'm looking for a good tool for him to track his classes and assignments.

    Any recommendations?
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    Originally posted by r4bid:
    It's a good program but as a college student I don't have that money to spend in a program. Do you know of any freeware program I could use as an alternative to



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    Originally posted by xjx:
    Has anyone been able to download Due Yesterday in the past few weeks? I've been getting error messages whenever I click on the download. Due Yesterday is my favorite program from this genre, but lately I've been stuck with the ToDo List :-)

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    Does anyone have a URL for yesterday? I can't find it on any of the major search engines. Thanks.

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    By using Dogpile, a MetaSearch Engine, i found it at

    Still have to try it- don't have a visor yet.


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