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    Ok here the deal,
    My friend own a cell phone store, he told me to go and buy a treo650(unbrand) on palm1 website for $699 and go go throught him and activate a 39.99 plan or a high on cingular, tmobile or Att (1 year require) and here will give me $200 rebate back( 90days). $699-$200= $499.

    ok, i am not sure if this guy is legit, but i am wondering if this is possible. if a reseller brings a new customer to cingular, i am certain the reseller gets a bounty. the question is how much is it and wil they pass it along to the consumer?

    i called a few stores and said I have my unlocked phone, I just need a SIM card. I said would you give me any money back if I signed a contract through you, instead of going direct to Cingular. Most couldn't quite understand the concept and kept trying to sell me a phone, but a few said ok. One guy said he would give me $80 and one guy said $100. They required me to be a customer for (i think) 90 days, then i would get the rebate.

    Has anyone else tried this? Know of retailers that do it?
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    Here's a solution for you. offers deals on cingular phones with new contracts. They have anywhere from 5-10 phones where you actually get a phone for free, and make money back after various rebates. You can get a free phone and earn anywhere from 55-100$ after the rebate. Once you recieve the phone from Amazon, simply remove the sim card from the phone and put it in your Treo 650 and you are ready to go. Now not only have you gotten a sim card and earned a rebate, but you also have an additional phone to use as a backup phone, or you can earn a few extra dollars and sell it on ebay. Here's a link from on a cell phone that I ran accross that nets you $100 in your pocket after the rebate.
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    the idea is a great solution. they seem only to offer a 2 year contract option. anyway to get just a 1 year at amazon or somewhere else?

    also, do I still pay the $36 activation fee through amazon?
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    Try, i've used them in the past and have gotten some phones for free and made money back. Last time I signed up with them I only had to obligate my self for a 1 year contract.
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    ok, it looks like I will have to go with a 2 year contract because that is the only option (at letstalkwireless and amazon).

    What is the best rebate people have found? It looks like Amazon and Letstalkwireless both offer a max of $100 back. Anything better out there?
  6. #6 lets you select a 1-year contract when you get to your shopping cart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by technogrammy lets you select a 1-year contract when you get to your shopping cart.
    I still don't see that option. I attached a screen shot to this post, can you point me to where I can change it to 1 year?
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    your image says "Contract: 24 months."

    Not all phones have a choice between 12 and 24 months contracts. I've selected certain phones at where the contract was 1 year, and others had 2 years. Of course when you select 1 year, your rebate is less.

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