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    I've owned a T5 for a few months now and have been using it together with my Razor V3 to go online. It was a decent fit but had drawbacks. First, it moved slow. Bluetooth had to connect first, then I could go online. Second, it was a costly option. In order to do this, I had to buy a data plan for $29 a month in addition to my Media works for $19. So, I figured that if I bought a Treo 650 with the Media works package and drop the data plan, The Treo would pay for itself and so I took the plunge this week.

    Here are my observations: As a palm device it is AWESOME! It makes the T5 look crappy. The screen is much brighter and clearer, albeit smaller; the memory issue wasn't as bad as I thaught, I just loaded lots of stuff onto an SD card and it works fine. I haven't had one crash yet after hot sync, something that happened almost routinely on the T5; The 5 way navigation is incredible and ias a whole is a joy to use as a palm device.

    However, as a phone, it's no Razor, thats for sure. Too much bulk and poor sound quality coupled with sluggish performance. So, I still use the Razor as my main phone and added the Treo as asecond line. As such, I was torn with my purchase. Did I really need this device. And the answer is: YES. I now have a great palm that can quickly surf the net AND is also a phone!
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    I am currently using a RAZR as my main phone and will be receiving my t650 on Monday. The RAZR is a tough phone to beat. Awesome RF and sound quality and nice form factor.


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