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    I've tried everything to download several 'layers' of webpages using AvantGO, all to no avail.

    I've been thinking about getting isilo to do this. How is is different from Avantgo's custom webpage download. Can you put a whole website on your PDA???

    I really dont want to shell out the cash for a modem to surf the web on my Visor. Unless you really use it, I dont see the novelty of having the internet on you PDA, when you can use a desktop computer and connection.

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    IsiloWeb works in a similar fashion to AvantGo in that you can specify how deep in the web site to go. For me, I prefer IsiloWeb as it can be added to the task scheduler and the actions preformed at any given time or when I double click on it. That way my Visor doesn't have to be connected in order to download the pages. I just have to synch up later to get them on my Visor.

    I also prefer the way Isilo handles images. You can tell it to constrain them to a given size or let the entire image come down and scroll around in it (the latter taking up quite a bit more space). Or you can even turn images off to save more space.

    I've found that Isilo does a better job of handling sites not designed for Palm devices. It was well worth the money.


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