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    I need to download/install Palm Desktop for my Treo 650 but I don't have the CD with me (yes this is an honest post - I'm trying to install FileZ so I can stop my Treo 650 from rebooting/hanging because of VersaMail). But you can't download this for the 650 from P1 (due I guess to licensing issues on other software on the CDROM).

    If the 600 uses the same version of desktop, can someone private message me a Treo 600 serial number that would let me download the software?

    I know that's a bit of an odd request, but it would really help a fellow Treo user out of a VersaMail mess.
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    All you need is the serial number from your Treo 650. You can get that by going to Phone-->Options-->Phone Info.
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    Serial Number is also located behind the battery.
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    I guess I wasn't clear - you cannot download the Palm Desktop software from P1 using a 650 serial number. The software on the CD that comes with the phone is not available for download. Selecting Treo 600 from the list and using a 650 serial number doesn't work. Thus, I need a Treo 600 serial number in order to be able to get the Palm Desktop software.

    Also, a nice FYI - you can get the serial number in the phone software (options > phone info) so that you don't have to remove the battery.
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    I don't think the 650 will work with the 600 version software...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkEagle
    I don't think the 650 will work with the 600 version software...
    Per PalmOne

    You must install the version of Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager included on the CD-ROM with your new Treo 650 smartphone, even if you already have an earlier installation, and even if you will synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. There are special features added in the Treo 650 installation (including Documents To Go Professional≥ and the Pictures & Video conduits) that you don't have yet.,kb=PalmSupportKB,CASE=obj(14403),ts=Palm_External2001

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