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    Is this possible? If not the whole message then just the subjects?

    Te >T3 > T3 > Zod2 > Z72 > waiting for t650
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    If you want to confine the searches to the device, I suspect FindHack will yield what you want: . It's excellent, and allows fancier searches, confined to one or more apps you dictate. $14.95.

    But, this 2-fold scheme I use may also interest you. I have my mail forwarded to two places simultaneously. One is the server I use for Chatter syncing; the other = GMail. The GMail dupes are auto-filed on receipt, courtesy of some filters I set up, which also pull these emails (which I've already handled on the Treo) out of gmail's inbox. So I never confront the "inadvertent duplicate read" hassle. I also have the freedom to delete the mail off the Treo without fear, since I know copies live elsewhere. All Treo-sent mail gets BCC'd to gmail and auto-filed as well.

    Part two involves a free script, gmail-lite, which you install at a server. It gives you the same access via a PDA that you'd have with a desktop. Read: Google-style searchability. Nothing is retained on the server, as the cookies re your gmail login info falls into your device when using that form. If you'd like to try it, PM me and I'll give you the URL of the script in use at my server. Otherwise, you can grab it from (mid-way down page). Installation is dirt easy-- pretty much a simple ftp transfer of the script files to the server. I can also send you a gmail invite if desired.
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    I search the messages all the time with the Treo search (control alt). It searches addressee and the subject line, as far as I can tell. Of course it searches a whole lot more, but if you start from within Chatter, it will return Chatter results first and you can go right to your results.

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