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    Is anyone using two SIMs in one phone - as is fairly common in the UK (and other areas in Europe, I presume)? I am looking to do something like use a Twin SIM to use two SIMS, but I'd like to manage this a bit better than turning the phone off and on to switch - and I'd like confirmation that it works on a Treo 650. Ideally, there would be some piece of software that would allow the switch and tell you which phone number (aka: which SIM) was active.

    This is typically done to enable one to use the same phone for home and work.

    I know I asked about this once before, but this is a different spin on that topic after educating myself somewhat on this topic.

    The whole idea is to truly have one convergent device that pulls together home, work, e-mail, mobile internet, PDA, etc.
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    There was some discussion in the 600 forum last year. Here is a thread on it -
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    Thanks. I also found this:

    Interesting stuff. Has anyone yet tried this on a Treo 650?

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