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    I've been using a Sprint T650 now since the launch of the product. I'm now on my third device for various reasons (p key too soft, voice clipping issue, and a screen problem among others). Now that I seem to have found a device I'm somewhat happy with (the earpiece speaker still clips) I'm still living with the software bugs that creep up continuously.

    1. The Bluetooth mute/volume issue bugs the heck out of me
    2. The incoming call waiting/volume issue is horrendous
    3. Bluetooth inconsistent behavior
    4. My own headset sometimes is not recognized/craps out
    5. Slow dial initiation

    And a few others that aren't coming to mind at this time. It's been 3 months and still no patch!!!! I never thought I'd say this but I feel a bit taken to have spent so much money on the device and have it be such a piece of &*%*.
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    I have to admit the bluetooth volume issue really bugs me. If someone can create software ie. btmute to work around the problem surely palmone can patch it by now. It's like all the hard work of tracking down the bugs and identifying when they happen has been done.
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    I can't believe PalmOne hasn't provided an update either...
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    Maybe their waiting on the Treo 700?
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    Not to mention the 'lack of memory' bug. In case Palm is listening, I STILL haven't bought my Treo 650 yet (and I won't) until they fix this thing. My Treo 600 is perfectly fine until they fix the 650....
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    I wonder if part of the problem is that since we're providing our own techsupport here, PalmOne is not getting the rash of tech support phone calls they should be getting. So they don't realize the magnitude of the problem...
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    Here is the info on the release of the patch:

    Release date: 11/1/05
    Cost: $599
    Patch name: Treo 700
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    The amazing thing is there were a bunch of issues with the motorola mpx windows phone as well, but guess what! According to Gizmodo they have come out with a comprehensive patch ALREADY that fixes the issues including poor audio quality!

    And didn't the MPX ship AFTER the first Treos?

    Another clue that palm is dead....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    Here is the info on the release of the patch:

    Release date: 11/1/05
    Cost: $599
    Patch name: Treo 700
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigboy
    Yes, Rediculous. At first it was just diculous, now 4 months later it is re-diculous. Sheesh, didn't you go to school.
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    If Palm is dead can I have it's room?
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    and lets see..if your a vzw customer and going to wait for the treo 700, it wil be july 2006?
    this sux
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    this friggin press a contact then wait 10 minutes for the phone to dial is driving me nuts. What in the H#ll is going on? This, along with other annoying features is making me consider swapping for a 600 (even with sh#tty resolution).
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    What delay? My Cingular has maybe a 1/2 second white screen? I wonder if it's not a Sprint thing? At least I hope so for my sake, and not, for yours.
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    What really pisses me off, is the fact that I can't hang up on, one of my calls when in three way (conference.)
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    my phone sucks soundwise. but has NO initial contact call delay...why? is there a patch so I can have the proper 650 delay too? ...randy
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    Still no word on this sound patch huh? I mean how long ago was it leaked?

    I'm on the virge of installing a custom ROM that has it. They only reason I haven't yet is because I'm not 100% positive that if I DO insall it, that any other patches PalmOne releases will work with a custom ROM. Wasn't there a bluetooth patch that wouldn't work on custom ROM's until a custom version of it was hacked?

    Anyway... PalmOne is really ticking me off with thgeir support. (If you think Sprint should be responsible for a sound patch just keep thinking about it and keep your thoughts off the keyboard. I don't want to get into that debate. )

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    I've had that issue since the Treo 300. I swear it is a "feature" put in by sprint to force you to waste minutes
    Mark F Chinsky
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