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    Tried ThinkDB and it would lock up my VDx. Performed a soft reset and all was fine until the next time I used the program. Any suggestions??

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    Hmmm... I've used ThinkDB for quite some time with my VDX. No problems what so ever. Are you running the latest version? Have you tried to use the "standard" databases that you can download from the site to see if they work? Are you trying to run from the backup or external memory springboards?

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    I downloaded it from, I assume it is the most current addition. I am currently trying HandBase and really like it so I probably will keep it!!
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    You should try to take a look at ThinkDB first, it is much better than HanDBase. HanDBase has no scrollbar and you will find yourself scrolling page-by-page until you browse the view until the section you want. Imagine doing this in a 500+ records database! Not to mention the other neat ThinkDB features such as form design, custom views, etc. And with HanDBase you don't have any tool to edit the data on your PC directly, only with multi-step converters that can be cumbersome. ThinkDB has a free PC program for that.

    You can also take a look at JFile, but it is too limited and very expensive. I am very happy with ThinkDB.

    My $0.02.
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    Well, I thought I had the current version. Got to looking at the web site and discovered I was wrong. Will give it one more try!! Thanks for the help!!
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    I've got half a dozen ThinkDB databases on my Visor DX that I use all the time, and I've never had any problems. I've got a bunch of hacks running at the same time, too. ThinkDB is a fantastic program. Don't give up on it!
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    Well, I got it to work so far with no problems!! It is a great program!!
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    Those of you who use ThinkDB extensively - what sort of DB's do you keep? I'm extremely anal, so the idea appeals to me, I just can't think of anything to organize.
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    I am in the military and travel quite often so I developed a db for my trips (some question always comes up concerning a trip, especially money). I also created a vehicle maintenance db. Will be creating one with stock #'s of items I order on a regular basis.
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    I keep:
    - my netscape bookmarks (I wrote a perl script to convert the bookmark.html file into a "nice" (converts the dates to human readables) file that can be imported into thinkDB desktop)
    - stuff that I lend out (like books, otherwise I sometimes don't get them back)
    - last calls to friends/family (I sometimes go way to long in between calls)
    - bloodpressurer readings
    - program change log (I work in IT)
    - program event to keep log of all those program bugs

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    I've been using ThinkDB almost since I got my VDX last October - without problems.
    - I use their WWW Passwords to keep track of URLs & all the user names & passwords.
    - Also have designed some: to track several Investment Acounts, a Wine reference guide, and a record of Poker ring & tournament results.
    - I love it - worth every penny paid!
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    I just purchased ThinkDB, and it's a great app.

    I'm only using two databases right now, but I'm sure I'll think of more things to do with in short order. One db is for my exercise routine (date, body weight, weight and reps/set for weight exercises), and the other is for Bible memory verses.

    Once they add support for images or image links, it will be all I could ever want.

    Mark N.
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    I have databases for:
    Video Tape Collection
    CD Collection
    Padre's Baseball Schedule
    Floss database for my other obsession - Cross-stitch

    Created one for all my visor software and accessories - keeps track of purchase dates, versions and updates, user id's and registration codes. This one just keeps growing.
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    I found that ThinkDB didnt handle the sorting of dates very well, Handbase seems to do it much better.
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    How does one upload databases from thinkdb on the Visor to the desktop? I was under the impression that there would be a conduit to tranfer databases both way between the Visor ThinkDB and desktop version.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    For this sort of thing, Pendragon Forms is probably a better solution - especially if you want to design apps where data is collected on the Visor, and is then posted to a master database. Pendragon Forms' conduit handles this automatically, and it gives you the option of purging the database from the Visor after the info is posted in the master databse. Pendragon Forms also has a new database sync server which greatly facilitates data collection from Palm devices. However, this solution is not inexpensive; and it may be overkill if used for personal use only.
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    I just wanted something simple and basic and inexpensive. Can you please tell me what I can do with the desktop component? I have not a clue.
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    JFile: ~$25; free updates; free updates for life? I'm fairly certain that I got a free update to version 4 from version 3. Desktop app that converts to/from Access via CSV files. Is not a relational database; but, if you are keeping things simple, this shouldn't be an issue. JFile also has the most extensive collection of ready to use databases.

    HanDBase: ~$25; free updates until next major release. If you run Wintel, it has a first rate desktop app that is good at export and import of Access data (via CSV files). There are also many "canned" databases available for download.

    ThinkDB: on special for about $20; but only get one year of free updates. Also, it is the weakest offering for getting info back into Access (unless things have changed since I last looked at it in the spring).

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