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    I have tried 3 different machines, with exactly same result...

    The Palm Desktop installation just hang when "removing backup files"... I can't do anything...

    What can I do?
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    Mine always hung as well right there. But the only thing it did not install was versamail conduit-which I don't need anyway and did not get to the registration screen. So it works so have not worried. You may have to manually change the conduit for Outlook after your first sync by using the CD. I know I did as it defaulted to Palm Desktop.

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    I think I uninstalled any prior versions of Palm software the ran the installer for the new software.
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    I would call up PalmOne and get them to help you fix it.
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    Mumboender, I have uninstall outlook (I use Palm Desktop) hoping that it will save some hassle, no luck... I do need versamail though

    heberman, thank you and hope you can bring us some good news...

    I just wonder does it happen to anyone else? I think it is a windows issue so...

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