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    how long do the boxwave protectors last?
    washing them and what not
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    i bought a three pack...i bought them in june of 2004...i have yet to wash my clear touch and yet to remove it...i love it and they rock!!
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    hmmm anymore info on the ones that have washed them??
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    The one on my 600 has been there since Christmas of 03. I've never had the need to remove it to wash it. I do clean it periodically with a Kleenex and some eyeglass cleaner. It's still close to perfect.
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    I have held one under the fosset. It works, meaning that through some miracle it does not seem to negatively affect the "stickyness". But what I do find is that when you remove it - wash it or not - and expose the sticky side to the air, it will pick up tiny dust particles. Washing it won't get those off. So if you hate trapped dust particles behind the screen protector (I do), your best chance is to smack it on the screen as fast as you can, and never remove it until you're ready to ditch it.
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    Yes, I applied my screen protector and managed to get some dust under it while I was applying it. Eventually I finally I removed it, washed it (with liquid hand soap and water) and re-applied (dust free) and love it!
    1 screen protector lasts forever (well, a long time.) I'm using the crystal clear on my 600 and just bought a new one for my Treo 650. Basically you should get many many months out of one of these.
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    My Boxwave has been scratched twice in the two weeks I've had it. The first time I don't know when it happened and the second time some kind of particle was stuck to my stylus. So now I have a "clear" protector with two visible scratches. I'm disappointed that the material is not more scratch resistant. I have the TC three-pack coming so I'll try one of those instead.

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