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    Are there any good sport-style cases for the Treo 650. I just got it, and I am using it to record my lifting. I am also wanting to use it for my MP3 player possibly.
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    what are you looking for in this case?...cause basically most cases can be adapted to your needs..
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    I'm going to try using the Innopocket Hard Case. I should receive it in a few days, and I'll let you know how well it works.
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    I would like it to be something easily worn while working out (much like my ipod mini arm band is), but I also need to be able to pull it in and out so I can log in my workouts. Maybe something mesh or something, Not sure.
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    Neoprine case by Handspring. Water resistant and I think it comes in red or blue. The only problem is you need a belt to attach it - no clip.
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    Just tried the Innopocket case while lifting. Worked great, except that the Belt Clip doesn't quite cut it (it'll work, but it rotates and bounces around). I'm going to experiment with a few ideas to fix this.

    Might want to consider this as an option, as I have no fear of the Treo breaking in this thing.

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