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    What's everyone's favorite software to use on your Visor? I'm lookin for more software to load on mine, and i'm hoping I could get some idea's from everybody.

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    I like My TG postman POP3 STMP (SMTP?) program, of course you need a modem, but it's great because it is integrated into the hardwired Mail program. (TG just downloads, and uploads, mail is read and composed in the Mail program) I also like pocket chess, even if I never have beaten the computer. Proxiweb is also nice (another modem program) due to the fact you can download palm OS files straight from the internet. I'm still looking for a good database program where I can store aircraft information (i.e. N-number, owner, fuel type, location, ect) for quick reference. Then I can stop making memos of the aircraft.

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    Omniremote! Definitely worth the $20 (I'm gonna be getting the springboard when it comes out, too).
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    The free must have apps in my opinion are LauncherIII to assist in organizing programs, MyCheckbook, and AvantGo if you have an internet connection where you HotSynch.

    The only app I've paid for is MobileDB. It's got great infor already available and gives you a tool for creating databases and installing them on your PDA.

    If you're into games to kill time, BJ's BlackJack is the best free one. Cribbage, Hearts and Rummy are musts. Also try Hold'em. The demo is good and I'm just about ready to shell out the $15 for the unlimited version.

    Hope that helps.

    Michael Bailey
    Enjoy yourself, or someone else if they'll let you.
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    Documents to Go and Desktop To Go combo from DataViz. I get support calls and keep word and excel documents in the visor for reference. Retains all formatting in documents except for graphics. Different sheets of a worksheet comes over fine. I sync with outlook and Desktop to Go allows me to select certain folders for memos, etc. Also allows me to map address fields to the palm address fields. Very nice since Outlook allows Home,business, and other address fields. They can be put in any of the Palm custom fields.

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    Definitely the HandyShopper!!!
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    Can't decide which app to assign to your hard keys? (I read the newspapers in ISilo, so like to have it there, but then had to assign Memo to a silkscreen button using a DA Launcher) Now you can assign up to 39 apps to one!
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    Oh, where to start?

    QuikBudget changed my life. No more running out of money a week before payday!

    AvantGo is a must.

    VOID is the best "Elite" style interstellar trading game.

    ISilo and ISiloWeb allow you to suck entire websites off the internet and store them on your Visor.

    Lots of cool books at

    Free maps at

    ChaCha allows you to chat with another Visor/Palm user via the I/R port. Handy in those dull meetings.

    Runtime keeps track of battery usage.

    TealGlance pops up today's appointments and your top items on your "ToDo" list when you turn on your Visor.
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    Originally posted by Winchell:

    QuikBudget changed my life. No more running out of money a week before payday!
    where can i find quikbudget? i've done searches at a few places and can't find it.

    while i'm here:


    this little program makes a HUGE contribution to my day..everyday. It actually (for my needs) made me stay away from Datebk4 as Hotdate gave me an easier layout to look at. I recommend this program first to anybody i know with a palmOS PDA.
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    Originally posted by Hoser_in_USA:
    where can i find quikbudget? i've done searches at a few places and can't find it.
    You can find it at
    It's about $20, and worth every penny.

    Now, obviously, if one is already using some thing like Quicken on their PC, it would make more sense to use a companion program like PocketQuicken on their Visor.

    I don't, and I personally find QuikBudget to have an exceedingly intuitive metaphor for its interface. You create virtual "wallets", for each of your major bills and expenses. You then tell QuikBudget how much of your paycheck goes into each wallet on payday. And when the bills or expenses are paid, you subtract them from the wallet.

    Give the demo a try if you are interested.

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