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    I know some third party apps are not compatible with my new Treo so how do I make sure the those apps that I synced to my old device don't end up on my new 650? I want to use the same username so I can transfer my contacts and calendar but when I tried to sync I saw my old apps being synced on the new 650. Then started the endless resetting loop. Where are these third party apps located on the desktop? I checked the hotsync manager but I don't see them there. Thanks
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    That was a mistake on your part. You should have renamed your old backup directory and moved it out of :\program files\Palm, uninstalled the old Palm, installed the T650 desktop and then selectively added the apps that you wanted on the T650.

    I would hard rest the T650 because it probably has a software conflict now, clean up the computer and reinstall.
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    Thanks TonyH! This may be an obvious question but how does my contacts and calendar info get on my Treo if I uninstall all the old palm files (besides the newly named backup) before I sync? Will my old contacts be deleted when I uninstall the old palm files? Should I sync and then uninstall the old palm? thanks again.
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    Do you think it's really necessary to un-install the Palm software as well? I've always renamed the back up folder and done a clean install with a new treo but never removed the Palm desktop software and re-installed the new version. Never had a problem.
    I still have my original 270 and 600 and never had replacements for either.
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    Moving the old backup file isn't really necessary according to the Palmsource file I read. I renamed mine "oldbackup" and just kept it where it was. Then I went through and reinstalled each app individually. To do that, open the "oldbackup" folder and double click on each app's icon. Then do a sync after each one. That way, if you do end up with a conflict, you'll know when app is causing the problem. Do all this after a hard reset (I think that probably is necessary at this point). I would also recommend reinstalling all the new software, too (before syncing and after the hard reset). It couldn't hurt at this point.
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    Yeah, I've always followed that theory but actually removing the palm software and re-installing the new version? Does the address,datebook, memo db's get left behind on your pc if you un-install the palm desktop software?
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    Thanks everyone, I finally figured it out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gugirl
    Thanks everyone, I finally figured it out!
    And what exactly did you do?
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    First I moved the backup directory to the desktop. The when I installed the new palm software it went in the program files as "Palmone" and my old info was in the folder named "Treo." So after I synced to the new palm desktop I replaced the Address DAT file from the Palmone folder with the Address DAT file from the Treo folder. TADA..all my old contacts showed up. Did the same thing with the Datebook DAT file. So far no glitches but I haven't been able to get Datebook5 to work well so I am only using the datebook that came installed with the 650. I will work on this next.

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