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    I have decided to give up on Lightwav. I have had problems with each version since the beginning. I am not going to bad mouth Toysoft, they have been very responsive with support. I am just tired of the issues. I have been using CallFilter for the past week and besides missing the voicemail capability, I love it. Hasn't caused one reset yet. Actually works as advertised. Maybe one day, I might try lightwav again, but not for a long time!
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    I also really like the options in Lightwav but unfortunately had to install it...I would have preferred not too but it made my phone very unstable, without it installed the phones runs perfectly with no resets and about 15 programs..add lightwav and I get unexpected resets.

    *Guarenteed I will buy in the future if the problems are fixed!
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    Did CallFilter come out with a new release this weekend?
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