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    I got a 2005 BMW and I'm looking to get the unlocked version of TREO 650. Did anybody try to pair it with a BMW bluetooth?
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    Quote Originally Posted by horatiub
    I got a 2005 BMW and I'm looking to get the unlocked version of TREO 650. Did anybody try to pair it with a BMW bluetooth?
    Like I posted somewhere else on this forum, I was able to pair my friend's Sprint model with the Car Kit Update fix installed.

    I ordered my unlocked version from PalmOne on Wednesday and I got an email today that it is shipped. I am getting it on Monday. I will test the Unlocked GSM which according to PalmOne the fix is already built in the phone.
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    please let me know if it's working.
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    Yes, but pairing is just one step.
    See this link:
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    clarkkentva, any luck with the unlocked version? were you able to pair it with u r BMW?
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    I have paired with no issues - Treo 650 unlocked with BMW 525i - all features work well. Did not have to do anything special other than pair devices.
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    I thought I read somewhere that someone had success with a 2005 545i. I don't think I've heard anyone having success with a 3-series of any year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by horatiub
    clarkkentva, any luck with the unlocked version? were you able to pair it with u r BMW?
    No problems. Received the phone and paired it out of the box and it works perfectly. I have all 70 contacts in my Favorite now and they all synchronized to the car in a matter of seconds. The only minor issue is the signal bar in the iDrive display changes to no signal when the phone connects to the car. My SE phones did not have this issue. To tell you the truth I would not even consider this an issue. You can always look at the signal bar on the car if you really want to know.

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    clarkkentva, I think you might have a 5 series or higher, but on the 3-series I could not get it to work. It pairs fine but when the CD display shows loading phonebook then the TREO 650 starts resetting. So, everytime it tries to load the phone, it resets. I got it to work for like 3-5 sec. I turned the bluetooth on the phone off, I soft reset it, then I started the bluetooth on the phone, and I start dialing a number and I could hear the sound on the car's speakers, and....that's it, it reseted again.

    btw, I have a 2005 3 series.
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    I have a 2004 325i, and I can get the 650 (GSM-Cingular) to work . . . usually. As the bimmerfest forums have noted (, the problem seems to stem from the number of favorites you have. When the car and the 650 try to sync the phone list (and it will only sync the favorites), it causes the 650 to crash. Deleting all but one of the favorites seems to help, although I still have recurring problems with the phone de-authorizing from the car from time to time. Also note that the "allow wakeup" option doesn't seem to appear on the GSM versions of the 650. Be sure to install the car kit update for GSM phones available for download from PalmOne. The CDMA version doesn't work for GSM phones. If anyone has any updates to this, I'd love to hear about it.
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    how's the sound quality in the bmw? I just put in the icelink and was considering doing the bluetooth while I was at it, but was hesitant on the quality of sound.
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    dupy, I'm a little confused here. I just got my GSM 650 so bare with me. What do you mean by favorites? You mean the shortcuts on the screen to like voicemail,web, and all the others? If that's the case, I think I only have like 6-7 of them, but it's still not working. It resets itself when the car tries to transfer the phone book, which btw, only has like 5 numbers on it right now.
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    The sound quality is good in the BMW. When it works, everyone tells me it sounds great. I did switch the sunroof switch and the microphone, however. It was easy.

    Horatiub, by Favorites I mean the shortcuts. Apparently the only numbers that transfer are those, and apparently it is the number of phone numbers (not applications) that matter. I don't know for sure (this is from speculation on bimmerfest), but it seems to improve the resetting on my treo.
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    2005 BMW 325i
    Sprint Treo 650

    I removed all but the Voicemail favorite, installed the Car Kit update from Palm, and still experience phone resets when 'Activate Phone' appears in the vehicle.

    Anyone have suggestions for what else to try?

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