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    I really want to utilize the full capacity of my visor - e-mail,web surfing etc. I know Handspring has a 33.6 kbs modem available now but the upcoming 6 pack is supposed to have a
    56k modem.

    What are people's thoughts.

    Thanks for any feedback!
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    I know I'm a hopeless optimist when it comes to new technology, but I'm betting Innogear will get that 6 pack out soon (please!). I see no reason to purchase a landline modem, extra flash, a talelight, or a vibrating alarm when the 6 pack will get me all of those functions. Internet access on my visor for me is a novelty, not a necessity. I'll hold out until a one-shot solution is made (six pack six pack six pack)...


    "the BAND!"
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    while a 56K modem is definatley faster, you won't be loading huge megs of stuff while surfing on your visor. You won't be looking at quicktime or mpegs....

    i have the 33.6 handspring modem and it's pretty fast at loading compressed images, and reformated text through proxiweb or avantgo.

    I'll admit i fell trap to something i think many others are experiencing. Thinking that surfing the web on your visor is comparable to your desktop in quality. It's not that great. It's neat to get bits of score, quick news, post on visorcentral! But it's not that spectacular. and a 33.6 handles it well. I doubt there will be a noticable difference with the 56K in that you can't get much faster than almost instantaneous!

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