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    since two weeks I use MegalLauncher Nazareth on my Treo 600. I tried a few Launcher before, but ML is one of the best and most stabil product. It runs very stabil on my Treo, it's nice to handle and there are a lot of options, to create it's own view. to find is that thing on
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    I have been using ML for years (Sony Clie's) - Its awesome, so many utilities (interfaces to set them up a little confusing) and I really love the tabbed method of organizing. I use ML as well as One Button+ Pro (also for years) - allowing me to also go to a selection of programs by pressing one of the hard buttons. Both excellent progs.
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    I have installed 4 different far the best for me is MegaLauncher. Its easy to set up and clean. The only thing that will keep me from buying this will be not being able to get the custom map to my BeyondContacts to the today tab. Will have to email them to see if I can get this fixed. But will gladly buy it.

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