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    Well, TreoLanders. My girlfriend fell in love with the Treo650 that I returned, and hates my PPC6601. So I did what any decent, whipped boyfriend would do. I'm getting her a GSM T650 tomorrow. I called the local Cingular corporate store and they're holding one for me.

    Now, stop harrassing me about hanging out at TreoCentral . I will have legitimate reasons to stick around. Who else is gonna help me with the frequent random resets, soft "P" key, lousy bluetooth, terrible NVMS, and popping noise in speakerphone? you guessed it. You will
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    agree, memory is a problem, and more resets than 600 (actually have no bad experience on 600). maybe need more tuning and wait application and firmware upgrade.
    anyway, still the best smartphone on market.

    for memory limitation, I use msmount5
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    LOL...its always a good thing when a man KNOWS hes whipped. I would welcome you back but you never left. Does your girlfriend know how much fun T|C is or are you keeping us a secret?

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