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    I was playing with my bosses 650 today and I noticed that he had Agendus Pro 9 (I think) loaded. I guess he bought it along with the other 40 programs that he never uses.

    So anyways I started to play around with it because I've read a lot about it here on the forums. His phone was setup to use Versmail so I went through and changed his default e-mail app and changed the e-mail lauch button. I then went into Versmail and turned off the auto-synch.

    Is there anyway to tell Agendus to check mail every 30 minutes or what not. And if so can you make it alert you to the e-mail? I really liked Versmail in the fact it would alert by a sound and also on the mail screen every 30 minutes. I tried to setup the CHECK MAIL EVERY option and it seems like its not working. The mail is never checked.

    I really like the software other then the check mail bug and no alert for new messages. My boss is willing to purchase the software for me, but I don't want to buy it if it can't do those two options.

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    Yes under Tool, Preferences, Handling is where you want to go.
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    I think what my problem was is that Versmail still had the same account added to it. Although I did turn off the Synch I think somehow it was conflicting with Agendus. Once I removed the account from Versmail it seems to be working now from what I can tell.

    But I still don't see an option for an alert?
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    Hummmm. I have it set to 60 minutes and its still not going checking the mail. I guess I'll have to go back to Versmail because my boss has to get e-mails every 30 or 60 minutes along with an alert. That is pretty slick software if those two things would work correctly.
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    I'm using IMAP and not POP if that makes any difference.
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    Figured out what it was.. He had an old version of it installed on his 650.

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