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    It is 1254am, and I just got an email stating my 650 was shipped out. Anyone else get the confirmation email?
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    Take a look at the last couple of pages of the "I received my GSM" thread!

    That said, I have not received my e-mail yet
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    when did you plce your order?
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    thxac3, what part of the country are you in?
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    Quote Originally Posted by teknic88
    when did you plce your order?

    My order was recieved by Palmone just past 0500 hrs on Feb. 2nd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pramit
    thxac3, what part of the country are you in?

    Dallas, Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thxac3
    Dallas, Texas.
    cool, thanks. reason i asked was coz the canadian shipments went out today (check the other threads). it's interesting that the US ones are also going out. let's hope i get this 'shipped' e-mail. woo hoo!
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    pramit:did you ever get a hold of a live person at the store?
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    Does anyone know if this means it was shipped out earlier today or is about to be shipped sometime tomorrow? I paid for overnight shipping, so I could possibly get it tomorrow. Or else I would have to wait til monday.

    This could be a very long long weekend...crossing my finger.
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    Well, my unlocked GSM 650 is on its way. I just received an email from P1 at 1:09am saying it had been shipped. FYI - the order was placed on Feb 3 at 2:06am - Order No. 050203-233XXX. Didn't pay for overnight shipping - RATS!
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    Ordered the evening of 2/1 with overnight shipping and nothing yet!
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    ordered 2-5 got shipped notice about 40 mins ago. Live in Eastern Washington State. Did overnight. Could it be here tomorrow....doubt it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    Ordered the evening of 2/1 with overnight shipping and nothing yet!
    same with me.. maybe palmone is shipping them in reverse order? haha
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    My 2 Treo 650 unlockeds just shipped from PalmOne. I got the email Fri, 11 Feb 2005 01:56:56 -0500 (1:56 EST, 10:56 PST)
    I expect Fedex will do the pickup Friday morning and it will be delivered on Monday.
    (The web site does not have the updated status yet)
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    yayyyyyyyy, my order shipped overnight!!
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Got the shipped email!
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    2/1 11:34pm order 050201-2096xx shipped! Good thing I was planning on telecommuting on Monday!
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    Received "Unlocked 650 and accessories shipped by regular mail" e-mail from P1 @ 2:04 am.

    About Friggin' time!

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    Dear Paul Boyd:

    We're pleased to inform you that the following item(s) from order
    050202-21xxxx have been shipped. For items with a status other
    than shipped, you will receive an e-mail notification of the shipment
    when it occurs. Your credit card has now been charged for the item(s)
    that have shipped, plus any applicable sales tax.

    The link below will supply you with the most recent shipment status.
    Please allow up to 1 hour for this information to update on our website
    from the time you receive this e-
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