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    Mine stopped working around 9:45 p.m.
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    Nope you are right, it is currently down, at least for us in Trojan Country.
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    In some ways, that is a BIG relief for me!

    I just picked up my 650 and I was going to set it up tonight but feared that they had already popped me for the MEdia works plan! :lol`
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    Life is good over here in TN @ 117 kb/s
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    You guys are Cingular country there. I lived in Atlanta for 15 years, and was with Cingular for 12 years.
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    Its down here too I've had EDGE for only about a week and already I can't live without it!
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    Speed test....

    on I got 57kb/sec on the 100k test....

    Is that pretty slow for L.A.?
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    It was down last night, up now (Fri. a.m.).

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