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    Ok, this may seem like a strange question, but I travel a lot, so I'm in a hotel room on a regular basis, and I was wondering if anyone has ever come up with a way to connect a Treo to a TV. I like to encode DVDs to bring with me, and while it's cool to be able to watch them on my Treo, it'd be even cooler to be able to watch them on a larger screen. Any thoughts?
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    Actually this is a very good question. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $is$ $yet$ $no$ $direct$ $video$ $output$ $method$ $from$ $the$ $Treo$ $to$ $a$ $TV$ $set$. $However$ $the$ $good$ $news$ $is$ $that$ $the$ $whole$ $point$ $of$ $migrating$ $the$ $Treo$ $line$, $T5$ $etc$ $to$ $the$ $new$ &$quot$;$multi$-$connector$&$quot$; $was$ $specifically$ $so$ $that$ $these$ $types$ $of$ $peripheral$ $could$ $be$ $developed$! $Here$ $is$ $a$ $snippet$ $from$ $PIC$'$s$ $T5$ $review$ $explaining$ $the$ $new$ $multi$-$connector$:

    The Tungsten T5 is the first handheld to incorporate the new Multi-Connector, a new common connector for palmOne handhelds and future smartphones. The new connector adds capability and features that were not possible with the Universal Connector such as audio and video out. While the T5 operates at USB 1.1 speeds, the new connector is capable of supporting USB 2.0 speeds in the future.

    Thus going forward, I think there will eventually be accessories to allow a Treo to directly connect to a TV via a multi-connector accessory...

    In the mean time, there are many presentation solutions that let you connect your Treo to a projector or computer screen. Some presentation solutions include:

    Margi Presenter to Go
    iGo Pitch Duo

    Then there are the apps that let you virtually view and control the screen of the Treo via the desktop computer screen:

    Tapsmart Handshare
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    ... However the good news is that the whole point of migrating the Treo line, T5 etc to the new "multi-connector" was specifically so that these types of peripheral could be developed!
    The bad news is that those cool looking mini-movies on your treo will look god-awful when blown up to TV size. Your talking about taking a tiny 160x160 picture and trying to stretch it over a TV screen. As any movie encoder will tell you any decent, TV sized, movie picture usually comes with a file size of between 600mb and 1.5gb (divx,xvid). Id stick with Pay Per View
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    You could always make a mini version of one of these for your Treo :-)
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    As far as connecting my Treo to a projector or a computer, that won't help me much. The whole point of buying the Treo was so I wouldn't have to bring my laptop with me anymore. I'm looking for a way to use what's available to me in any standard hotel room. Of course, this pretty much means my only option is coaxial on one end since most hotel TVs don't have any connections other than coaxial. And I figured the picture quality wouldn't be that great on a TV screen, although I'd be willing to encode with a little higher resolution to gain a bit more quality.

    Anyway, I figured it was probably a long shot, but it didn't hurt to ask. Thanks again for the info, everyone! :-)
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    why not encode at a much higher rate and use a seperate sd card to hold wat u want..
    dont give up on the idea..
    as far as quality..ive not seen to many tvs in hotels that are all that great on their own.
    cool idea

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