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    Anyone with Lexus factory Blue Tooth? On the P1 site there is a BT Car Kit Feb 8 update for the GSM Cingular and states the Unlocked does not need the update, but doe snot list Lexus as a compatible car kit.

    Anyone can confirm how and if it works? Just picked up an Unlocked 650 at a P1 Store. Will try pairing with a Lexus tomorrow and would appreciate any tips.
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    Do a search on the bt forum. It works just fine.
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    I paired the Treo 650 GSM Unlocked with a LS430 (2004) BT.
    Pairing works - ir required making a phone call from the Treo so complete pairing as the BT in car was awaiting. Switxhing the call between Car BT and Treo worked fine - switching back dis not work (works great with Sony Phones).

    Things that do not work:

    1) Signal strenght does not displays on the car
    2) Incoming call does not ring in Car
    3) Sending full phonebook to the car

    Compared to other phones:

    Call in Car unit is faster with Treo than with with a Motorola Razr

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