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    These are old, but I thought I'd post them anyway. T650 had just come out on Sprint - man does that feel like a while ago.

    I was pretty impressed with the pics considering the lighting and the raucous crowd around me. I'm surprised with all the camera shaken I was still able to pull of some decent shots.
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    HaHa. Awesome. I was at that show. Have you gotten the DVD's yet that are floating around the net? PM me if you want copies. One was taken by a fan with a pretty decent camera. It really feels like you're back there.

    Not to derail the thread. But here are my pics from the concert. But not from a cameraphone. heh.
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    Very cool!
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    Note that some of these pics (the blurrier ones) were taken using the zoom. Some of the daylight crowd shots came out great.

    WhoIsTheFly, those are some cool shots you have! Wasn't that an amazing show man?
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    here are two more...
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