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    does anyone know how to set up a treo 600 to access their Google Gmail account. I would use the regular mail application, and not the biz conn. I can't seem to make it work.
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    Have you looked up the settings off your gmail webmail? Also, search the threads for the setup.

    With the treo 600, you can set up gmail to download your mail pop style with the built in app but to send mail, you have to have your own smtp server (I use sprint).

    Like I said, do a search. That is how I found it. Also, on your gmail web mail, you have to enable 'pop forwarding' as well. Otherwise it will timeout and you'll get nothing.
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    You enter under incoming server, and put a check for "SSL required for POP3" under the advanced tab. I couldn't get gmail STMP, either, so I use the stmp server for my regular account.

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