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    Id like to use the 650 exclusively as my MP3 player but I want the MP3 player on the 650 to mimic itunes. In other words I want to be all the playlists to transfer just as easily it it does with the Ipod.

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm not sure you can do exactly what you're looking to do, but missing sync software for the mac has some itunes playlist integration with your palm.Check the website for info.
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    what is "missing sync" software?

    also, i have a pc with itunes not a mac, i wonder would that make a difference?
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    Missing Sync integrates the Treo 650 with macs, replacing Palm Desktop and expandding upon it. A palm device connected to a mac with missing sync will show up in iTunes just like an ipod. No, it won't work for PCs. Sorry.
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    But like the OP stated in his title, can the treo recognize itunes playlists?
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    The Treo won't recognize the playlists perse'. But, you can play the songs in your iTunes library, provided that they're in native MP3 format if you wish to play them with the included Realplayer app.

    Kinoma Player 3, which I use, supports and plays .AAC files from your iTunes library. It won't, however, play protected files purchased from the iTunes music store. In order to get these to play, you need to burn your purchased music down to a CD, and then reimport it to remove the protection.

    Missing Sync on a Mac makes this process pretty much 'Drag and Drop' from iTunes; but on the PC, I'm afraid you're going to have to handle the drag/drop process pretty much manually until someone write an App to handle it for you.

    Just an FYI from my (rather considerable) experience with the 650.
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    Check out this new discovery in a different thread:
    Sidebar: The phone/mp3 trend is picking up pretty well:

    Mobile Phone Industry Eyes Music Downloads
    - By LAURENCE FROST, AP Business Writer
    Monday, February 14, 2005
    (02-14) 20:27 PST CANNES, France (AP) --

    With a covetous eye on the success of portable music players, mobile phone makers are going after would-be iPod buyers by building high-quality players into their handsets.

    Sony Ericsson announced Monday it would soon market music-player mobiles under its parent's Walkman brand, drawing on the music catalogue of a sister company, Sony BMG, the world's No. 2 record company.

    And Nokia Corp., the world's leading phone maker, announced an alliance with Microsoft Corp. to allow mobile subscribers to load music from a PC onto their phones _ much the way that a digital music player works.

    Unlike owners of dedicated MP3 players, Nokia users will also be able to download tracks directly onto their handsets through the wireless phone network and transfer them to computer for storage or burning onto a CD.



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