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    So I guess my apartment insurance would cover my 650?
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    Not automatically. You'd have to notify your insurance company and get a "floater" policy on it as if it was expensive jewely or photo equipment (for which you will pay extra, usually based on $XX per $100 of declared value).
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    So I guess my apartment insurance would cover my 650?
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    Well it's not looking good for the homeowners insurance for me.

    On a side note, I talked to a manager at a cingular store for a while today regarding cingular's inept decision to not insure the 650. He was really nice and totally agreed with me that the high-end devices are more in need of insurance than the disposable nokias.

    He also mentioned that they'd had the lockline rep in recently and that lockline and cingular are re-evaluating which phones to cover. Of course he didn't have any sort of a time frame as to when any such changes might go into effect. Still, this a small glimmer of hope that we cingular folk might be in luck. Let's not hold our collective breaths though.

    Despite how much i currently love my 650, i think it is going back until either cingular will insure the 650 or a retail chain that offers replacement warranties starts carrying the GSM 650.
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    I called my State Farm agent, $0 deductible insurance is $30 per year on cell phones valued over $300. This covers loss, theft and damage (cited specific examples of dropping on the pavement, dropping in a lake, etc - all covered). The floater policy does NOT cover manufacturer defects. This policy covers the replacement cost of the unit, and a claim on the policy does not affect my homeowner's premiums or homeowners claim history.

    Never would have thought to call my insurance agent for cell phone insurance - thanks for the tip!
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    They don't (yet) insure PDA PHONES, but they will insure PDA's.

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