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    My wife (a Treo 600 owner) asked me tonight for a microcassette recorder for the night class she's taking. She has trouble understanding the professor (due to a heavy accent) so she'd like to record the 90 minute class and play it back later to decypher it. Would her Treo 600 work well for this or am I better off just buying her a stupid microcassette recorder? Several questions:

    1) How much of the battery will be consumed if she records all 90 minutes?

    2) Does the mic do a decent job of picking up the important stuff or will there be tons of background noise?

    3) What are my app choices (pros/cons of each)?


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    I've tried recording professors before. Depending on how loud he speaks, and the size/accoustics of the room, etc, you will get mixed results. Tell her to sit in the front row. However, the recording quality will not be good (SoundRec is the only free program, I believe) if you record to the SD card (which you have to do because you're recording for 90 minutes) because of the speed limitations. It will pick up all the background noises (coughs, white noise, etc). Battery life should be fine for only 90 minutes.
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    Hwy Scott! Long time no see!

    I use Audacity and it works well for me. There are many other VR apps out there like:


    I use Audacity to record wav files directly to the card and it works pretty well. You can change the compression ratio and I typically keep it at PCM 8 Khz to save more data. It comes out to like 1 MB per minute or so whcih means you can save at least a good 4 and half to 5 hours on 512 MB card. However, the battery does run down a bit after an hour or so, so I'ld advise pluggin the Treo into a wall if possible. Also, the mic is decent but not steller. Sitting in th e front row should be advisable...
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    Thanks for all of the comments so far.

    gfunk, is that with your Treo 600 or are you using a 650 now? I remember playing with SoundRec (I think) for fun in a small meeting at work on the 600 and being very impressed with how much (and how clear) it picked up things. When I got my 650, I think I tried the palmOne Tungsten voice recorder app and being less than impressed. The sound was similar to what I was hearing on the built-in video recorder (i.e., terrible and choppy). I'm not sure how much of this is differences between the quality of the microphones between the two phones or if it was related to firmware which will hopefully be updated for the 650.

    I guess what I'll probably want to do is just load a couple of different apps on my wife's 600 and test them out.

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    I never tried Audacity, but I did try SoundRec and mVoice (on a Sprint Treo 600). mVoice seemed to do a nice job of recording to the card, and keeping the file size down while keeping the voice quality up. (I think it compressed the .wav file.) One trouble with mVoice was that not all apps that recognize a .wav file knew how to play a compressed .wav file.

    (I'm sure someone can explain this better than I remember. )

    good luck!
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    A bit of a change on the subject, but!!

    My wife leades a choir that sings to can music. Could that music be put onto the Treo and a wire pluged into the Treo (600) and then plug that into whatever sound system we are using?

    Any issues with play back quality?


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    SPG, I don't know of any options for allowing "line in" functionality for the Treo, but since it does have a "headset" jack that allows for input via a headset's microphone, I would think that such a thing could, indeed, be possible. I was actually thinking recently that another nice option would be a "boom mic" which plugged into the headset jack.

    Now back to my questions. Can you all tell me whether some of these "costs money" apps offer noticeably better sound quality than the freeware SoundRec? I loaded up SoundRec for my wife, since it's free, but if she hates the sound quality she'll want to try out the microcassette option and if one of these other apps offers noticeably better sound quality, perhaps I should install a trial version of one of those instead of SoundRec.

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    I have yet to locate a voice recorder that works well, without severe static, while voice recording and driving a car.

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