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    This sounds like good news for Biggreg. On the other side of the spectrum, my problems with Chatter from yesterday continue Marc (see above; hope you got the email I sent this morning). What could possibly be causing only headers to be able to make their way to the Chatter inbox?? Thanks in advance to you or anyone else for any insights.
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    Contrary to my previous several days of perfect operation, the last couple days I've found my phone locked up trying to reconnect to Vision 3 or 4 times, running 1.0. I just upgraded to 1.0.3b7 and will see how that works.


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    I upgraded to 1.0.3b7 last night, but have still had a few lockups trying to reconnect to Vision and actually several resets now. The one time I remembered to do a ##377# after a reset it said "A reset was caused on 2/22/05 at 6:13pm while running "Chatter": Fatal Exception".

    I did not have logging enabled. Do you recommend always having logging on (in betas at least), or does logging have some downside?

    I'm thinking of deleting all of chatter and reinstalling again. The last time I did that (with v1.0) everythign worked great for like a week until it started locking up again. I wonder if something is taking time to break? (a memory leak or some corruption or something?).

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    Greg - No, I don't think anything is taking time to break. You might try 1.0.3b8, by the way. It fixes at least one reset-causing problem.

    As far as keeping logging on, it's not necessary, I'd think.

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    I also have the problem #1 mentioned in the initial thread posting by Talki73. It is a bit troubling because I cannot recieve calls while this is going on adn it appears to drain the battery while trying to connnect to Vision constantly.
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    gharrod - I've never seen a log in which this happens; maybe you can make me one. In poor signal conditions, Chatter will try to connect a number of times but then it will stop trying (you can even set the number of times). If it doesn't, then you might not have a recent version.

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    While I've seen the option in the chatter configuration, when my Treo gets into this mode it also just keeps retrying indefinitely. Basically it tries connecting to vision, eventually times out, and then there's a message that pops up where a 30 second timer starts running backwards with options to try again or cancel, with the try again option the default, which starts the cycle over again when the timer runs out. When it happens I don't have any way of knowing if the countdown and associated options are being presented by chatter or the OS or what (since I believe the the "connecting to vision" window is an OS thing).

    I usually notice it because the LED is solid red.

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    The option/countdown is a Chatter thing. Why don't you say "no"?

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    Marc - my issues haven't disappeared, but I'm finding they are fewer with the current version. One thing I have to report - I was unaware of the potential SIM card issue, but it might be really related. My office mate has an almost identically configured Cingular 650 but he his SIM card ends in A and mine ends in G. He doesn't suffer near the lockups / crashes that I do.

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    When I do notice the countown and say "no" it stops -- but until I take that manual intervention it just keeps looping, regardless of the setting under "max network failures". When I actually notice the phone locked up it's not that hard (though it seems it takes quite a while to get the connection cancelled etc) it's just that it can be stuck in this situation for for hours when I'm not actively looking at the phone.

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    Anyone notice the time in the top bar of Chatter has a semi colon instead of a colon? Just don't look right and just nit picking. lol. I have the latest beta 8.
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    If we're talking about the same thing, that "semicolon" means that logging has been turned on.
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    I get an exclamation mark "!" when I turn logging on. I'm running 1.0.3b9.
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    Same thing. It just means logging is turned on.
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    I've been having this issue since I started with Chatter at 1.0 and thru 1.03b9:

    In the SMTP profile, I need to use When I fill this in and hit ok, Chatter changes it to Chatter is not able to get past Auth with the SMTP server, and I think this is the problem.

    So, it is changing % to @ .
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    Hmm... I think I know what that is ... a holdover from the IM side of Chatter. Will put a fix in next beta...

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    Another weird reset issue has come up for me. Twice recently after a reset caused by Chatter my next HotSync erased all registration files (meaning I had to reset all my user preferences for the Treo and reenter my registration code for most applications that require registration). Anyone else see this? It's a horrific problem to deal with when you're in a hurry. Unfortunately I haven't been logging, as I'm so busy that I forget to purge the log and have gotten into reset loops (especially overnight) when the log grows too large. I'll try to find some time to clean things out and start logging again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    Hmm... I think I know what that is ... a holdover from the IM side of Chatter. Will put a fix in next beta...
    Thanks for the quick fix!
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    curtis - What sort of reset issues are you having at this point? There are very few "unknown" problems at this point. You can contact me via email if you like at

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    Marc, I have not been using Chatter for long so it is a recent version. It does seem to be when I have wandered into weak signal areas. It then requires waiting out the cancel, telling the phone do not retry then either resetting the Treo completely or in some instances turning the phone mode off and back on.

    The problem is usually noticed when I se the LED on solid red and turn on the phone to see the Treo trying to connect. My concern is I cannot receive calls at that time and it is draining the battery.
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