View Poll Results: How has stability been with CE v1.0 and v1.0.1 on your SPRINT T650

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  • v1.0 has been very stable for me

    24 35.82%
  • v1.0 has been reasonably stable for me

    22 32.84%
  • v1.0 has been more stable than previous versions

    8 11.94%
  • v1.0 has been less stable than previous versions

    3 4.48%
  • v1.0.1 has been at least as stable as v1.0

    20 29.85%
  • v1.0.1 has been less stable than v1.0

    6 8.96%
  • I haven't tried v1.0.1

    19 28.36%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Yes. Use the "Reset Phone / Upgrade" command in Chatter, then hotsync the files. You might use 1.0, if you're not.

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    So far, my tests with the latest beta have been good. Only one reset, and that was with Bluetooth off on a QSync'd account when trying to delete an e-mail. I haven't been able to reproduce that reset, and I haven't had any more resets with bluetooth on.

    I'm still testing and want to give it a little more time in case it was a fluke.
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    Well, I re-installed via using Blazer on my Treo 650. First I used the "Reset Phone / Upgrade"and I replaced all three files. Same thing, I get a reset everytime I exit Chatter. I there someplace I can download the beta from? I don't see the PRCs at the above URL and I don't have an unZip utlity on my Palm.
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    Could you do the same thing, but hotsync the files onto your Treo? I know a few people have had problems installing OTA.

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    Well, I've been troubleshooting for about an hour, no luck. I reinstalled (via a sync) 1.0. Then I went to 10b187 and finally 10b208. Each time I made certain to use the "Reset Phone / Upgrade" feature befor the upgrade. No matter, what I get a reset everytime I exit the program. I even tried leaving the phone off and not turning on the radio, and Chatter still crashes on exit.

    On a positive note, Chatter is working flawlessly otherwise. It checks email, and I can compose and my notifications are working. It's almost like Chatter insists that I keep using it, "or else". Am I the only one having this problem? My 650 is brand new (less than 48 hours) and up until an hour ago Chatter was the only 3rd party application on it. Any suggestions?
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    I have a different problem with resets. Whenever Chatter is running, usually in the background, and my phone starts to roam, half the time the phone will reset itself. When I do the ##377# thing it says that a fatal exception occured in the Phone app - "no shadow window found." This ONLY happens if Chatter is running, so I assume it is something Chatter is doing. This has been consistent with all the betas and 1.0
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    I voted very stable, because I have only had one crash that a ##377# said was Chatter in the last week. I have wondered though, if other crashes that a ##377# says occured in other programs could be related to interaction with chatter. Examples include the "no shadow window" error smaug mentioned, but for me I have seen that both with the phone app and in a utility called FieldPlus.

    Another crash that I wondered about was today I sent a photo attachment, then the next time I went into the picture viewer, there was nothing to be seen. Clicking around in there trying to find the photos resulted in a crash. Since I had just done an attachment I wondered how that might have been related. I tried to recreate the issue and could not.
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    nicholasx - How are you exiting Chatter? (i.e. with "Shutdown" or just hitting the launcher key or what)?

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    I'm exiting by just hitting the home button, or the phone button. Essentially launching another applicaction. I just tried using the shutdown command, and the same thing happened.
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    Does anyone else have this issue? I'll decide not to send an email and Chatter will ask me if I want to save it in my drafts folder. I say no, but it saves it anyway.
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    It appears my exiting resets are solved. I was fairly convinced that I had a bad Treo 650. Chatter was the first application I installed and it would crash on exit everytime. Nobody else was having the problem so I figured it must have been my Treo. Today I did a complete reset and re-installed Chatter 1.0. Problem solved. Sorry for any worries I caused you Marc.
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    nicholasx - The Treo's are very strange beasts. The T650 seems to have lots more "issues" than the T600, and many of them aren't easy to track down but are fixed by a reset. I sure wish it were possible to get tech support from PalmOne...

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    Sprint has been very stable for me, Marc. I have only had one reset, while driving through the mountains, with the phone just sitting there in the car. So I am guessing it lost cell tower signal and did a reset, which I have not seen happen before or since. Chatter is working very well.
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    I will second the fact that it is stable except for poor reception times (T650, Sprint). I was also driving through the mountains yesterday (not sure if they were the same mountains) but coverage goes in and out, and I had a couple of the 'no shadow window found' resets that others have reported.
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    I'll add another vote for those thinking the "no shadow window found" crash is related to poor reception. My house is the only place where I get 0-2 bars of reception with Sprint. Depending on where I am it may flirt with going into/out of roaming. After searching here for a bit I decided to try enabling the option in Chatter to not have it run with bad reception (whatever that option is called). Hopefully that provides stability. I've been running with the option checked to disable Chatter while roaming since I roam daily while on the subway. That works fine but I think the problem happens when the devices quickly bounces between roaming and not roaming. Otherwise Chatter is awesome! I'll report back after I have some results.
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    MarkY. Turning off "Enable Local Network Time" should get rid of this crash.

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