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    I've been using Chatter e-mail based upon some rave reviews by my fellow 650 users for the past 2 months. The version I have is 1.0b 17.6. it has been buggy since day one and I'm at my witts end trying to get it to work properly. My biggest problem is that many times when I write and send e-mail it sits in my outbox and never leaves and similarly it fails to retrieve mail sometimes for hours or days. I find that sometimes I can "fix" the problem temporarily by soft resetting my Treo, but it never stays working for long. I am using fastmail as recommended by the chatter email people. Anyone have any ideas??
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    try installing the current version
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    There is also Snapper out there to try, as well as seeing if you are lucky with VersaMail.

    At least you have options.
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    The "b" in your version stands for "beta" - upgrade to the released version as the previous post recommended (1.0b.17 was a long time ago).

    When you upgrade, make sure you do a "reset to upgrade" within Chatter - or do a soft reset while holding down the up-rocker key (will prevent extension programs from starting).
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    Right. That version is VERY old, and distinctly beta. Try upgrading to the release version as described by the others here.


    p.s. In future, you might want to post on the ChatterEmail board...
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    Thanks all. I will try upgrading. I downloaded the version I have now in December. Who would have thought that was "very old"? Technology flies I guess.
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    Actually with a lot of the software out there that might not be the case. Marc's product has been moving - and constantly improving - VERY quickly!
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    Yeah, December is old in Chatter years. It is also beta, and you should expect difficulties with beta versions. Go get 1.0 (non-beta) and upgrade 'the right way'. Does b17 have a reset/upgrade option under the 'Sys' heading on the menu bar? Otherwise, the soft reset without extensions (reset while holding up D-button) should do the trick as mentioned above.

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