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    I am evaluating MultiMailPro's demo bundle and am having some difficulties. Here are the problems I am experiencing.

    I am using Outlook 2000 under Windows 2000. When I sync mail from Outlook to my Handspring Visor using the MultiMail's conduit it works to a degree. For example, mail listed in my Outlook Inbox will appear in my MultiMail Inbox, but once an unread message has been read in my MultiMail Inbox, this change is not reflected in the Outlook Inbox. Messages deleted in either Inbox are properly deleted in the other Inbox upon hotsync, so that is fine. But another problem is that if the last message in my Outlook Inbox is unread, an additional copy of it will appear in my MultiMail Inbox upon the next hotsync. This additional copy only appears once, and if deleted doesn't return, and only happens to the last unread message in the Outlook Inbox.

    What is most troublesome though is that mail in my MultiMail Inbox doesn NOT show up in the Outlook Inbox upon hotsync. In fact the only mail orginating from MultiMail that seems to make it to Outlook would be mail in the Outbox. Nothing "new" in the MultiMail Inbox ever makes it to the Outlook Inbox. Using the "Sync directly with mail server" option is not an option for me. I want my PC and Visor's Inboxes to by synced with each other. The "Sync directly with mail server" would eventually leave my PC and Visor in two different states.

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    According to the newsgroups, the MultiMail Conduit is flaky. I just use MultiMail to send and receive email when I'm on the road. I don't need to have my PC and Visor in sync. Sorry I can't help.

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