I couldn't find anything on here, so I figured to ask.
There's a Multiplayer Bejeweled version out there written with Java.
It's by JAMDAT.
Below are a few links that I found that mention it:





The last link mentions that TREO 600 would work for it. (I have the Treo 650).

However, I am unable to find it for the treo. I looked at the Yahoo link (see above) for the Treo, but it says that it won't work for it.

Now, is it possible to get a different version and install it on the Treo?
We do have Java support, so I would try it, if I could actually buy it somehow!

I tried picking a phone that is supported. I get a text message on my phone with a link. But the link takes me to the vision page that says that my phone is not supported for that game. I assume that Sprint doesn't want to put out games for Sprint that require an external download (I know, I know, there are plenty of Palm games out there).

But I'm dying to play this game.

Anyone has any work around this???
Thanks in advance!