Seidio G2500 Car Kit for Treo 650 (CDMA,Wired Receiver Version)

The Seidio G2500 Car Kit for Treo 650 allows the user to drive in complete comfort. You can listen to GPS commands or audio books through the built-in amplified speaker while your Treo is being charged in the cradle.

**With this new version, it’s so versatile that the GPS can operate with a Wired Receiver as well as a Bluetooth Receiver. With both options available you will never have to go without your Navigation system on the road.**

The Seidio G2500 Car Kit for Treo 650 provides you with these added benefits :

·Model specific – Simply slide your Treo 650 into the mount without having to plug in additional wires and cables.

·CDMA version only

·Integrated speaker with volume control – Improves sound output from your Treo 650 with the ability to be used as a speakerphone while driving.

·Handsfree function- includes external microphone

·Excellent sound quality – Crisp and clean sound for GPS commands or audio books.

·DC Out port– An additional port for charging your Bluetooth GPS receiver with the optional charging cable.

·DC power – Supplied either from the cigarette lighter socket or the unit can be hard-wired directly into the car electrical system (12V-24V).

·GPS Ready- Accommodates both the Wired and Bluetooth Receiver. For wired receiver users, you can plug the receiver directly onto the cradle.

·Stylish and slim design – Your Treo 650 will fit securely in the cradle of the G2500.

·Mounting solutions- With the pedestals included, users can mount their Treo 650 in a variety of ways based on their personal preference or vehicle interior.

·360 degree swivel adapter– Ensures maximum driver/passenger readability and viewing. The mount can be swiveled to allow your Treo 650 to be in both portrait and landscape modes.

·Ear piece included for private conversation

*G2500 models also available for: Dell Axim X3/30, Dell Axim X5, Dell Axim X50, Garmin iQUE 3600, Handspring Treo 600, iPAQ 1945, iPAQ 2210, iPAQ 3800/3900, iPAQ 4100, iPAQ 4355, iPAQ hx4700, iPAQ 5100/5400/5500, Palm Tungsten T/T2/T3, Toshiba E800, XDA II

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