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    Looking for a good security program/hack that replaces the palm security system. Would like one that locks the machine if it "times out" and shuts down automatically. Any suggestions?? Also, been looking at several security programs for sensitive info, any suggestions?? Currently trying Secret! 2.5

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    I'm not sure what it's called, but I saw one where you draw a doodle on the screen and that doodle is your password. Anyone know what that's called?

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    It's called jotlock
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    Check out Commander or CommandLite from

    There is a lot of useful functionality here, including the ability to lock the organizer after a specified amount of off time.

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    I have been trying a program called "only me" from

    It has been working well with no errors so far.
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    Depending on what you mean by "sensitive information", the Palm OS is not a good choice for storing information that a corporation considers sensitive. In fact, it may be against your company's security policy to transfer sensitive information to a desktop PC (never mind a laptop or PDA).

    Also, there is no way to prevent the contents of your PDA from getting dumped to a desktop. Once there, it is a matter of time until anything can be cracked. Obviously, the selective use of strong encryption will discourage most folks interested in info theft, but the encryption implementations used in most Palm OS apps are either not strong enough or not open to third-party inspection/verification. When a market is as small as this, that last item is important.

    Finally, there have been on-line discussions of Palm apps that snoop on the activity of other apps. While I don't know that such an app exists, it is a reasonable to assume that one does exist. It is the exception to the rule for a such ideas to not bear fruit . . .

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    JotLoc can be found at . I think it's the best compromise between decent security and still maintaining quick access to your stuff. There's also an application where you sign your name to get on your pda, but I don't recall the exact name (probably something complicated like "sign-on" or something)

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    For securing the Visor itself I second the vote for OnlyMe at . I've been using it for over six months with no problems.

    For securing individual information (such as passwords, banking account numbers, credit card numbers and the like) you may want to check into Strip at .

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    I use Sign On, made by CIC, in conjunction with Secure Memo Pad, by Certicom. The former is pricey, but works very well, and the latter is free, and uses industrial strength encryption.


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