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    Is there a way to create a task/appointment to call/meet a contact? I can't find a way to do this and it seems like it should be a feature. I would think you could select a contact and then there would be an option for task/appointment and the contact name/phone # would automatically be fed into the task/appointment.

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    Agendus let's you do this.
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    TAKEphONE and Agendus allow you to do this. These same apps as well as others like 2day will allow you to build a meeting/ to-do first and then lookup the appropriate contact. One app, but I'm forgetting the name of it, gives you a very flexible lookup capability: for example, start typing the description of your event such as "Lunch with John Smith at the Palm" and then select lookup - the system gives you the choice to highlight one or more of the words in your description for the lookup. Simple nav with the 5-way so still stylus free also. Search results would yield the contact number(s) for John Smith AND the number(s) for the Palm (if in your address book). Wish I could remember that app. I seem to think its a product like Takephone or 2day but cannot be certain.

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