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    About half the time when i try to send an mms pic from the cam etc it gets to 90% complete and says "Error your message was not sent. The networking connection was interrupted message will be resent automatically." I have a full signal and nothing else running.

    Whether it is successful or not my GPRS connection stops and has to reconnect.
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    I noticed yesterday mms was down all day and I just tried it again and it seems to still not be working.
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    What error do you get exactly?
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    I've had all kinds of problems with MMS on my Treo 600 lately. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's slow, sometimes I can't connect. Sometimes I get the IM but it won't download the attachment. And sometimes it totally works, but is just slow.

    I'm willing to believe that the system is just not working right based on my intermitent experience. In the past it has worked just fine (a few months ago) and I haven't changed anything in my settings.
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    Cingular is having MMS problems with their server. I called tech support and the recording said "yes, we know we have problems with MMS..."

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