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    I got a DVD player this March, and have been steadily adding titles to my catalog (to my wife's dismay ). What I would like is a really good catalog program for the PalmOS. I've seen a few apps, but they're very simplistic and don't let me specify aspect ratios like 2.35:1 or 1.85:1 Anamorphic; they're just simply "Wide-screen or Pan&Scan". There's also no information on sound quality (Mony, DD, DD 5.1, DTS, etc) in these apps either.

    Any ideas?

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    You could always use ThinkDB and set up your own catalog. I've set up a couple of db for work and home and love the versitility of the prog.

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    I got one for 10 bucks on PalmGear and it does the job pretty well.

    DVDVault is its name. It has Pan/Scan, Widescreen, P/S and W/S, and 1.33, 1.66. 1.85 and 2.35:1 ratios.

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