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    Thanks for the tip. I'm still toying with the idea of staying with Datebk4 and am not ready to delete it yet, but it makes me feel better that it is possible to revert to a previous version via the method you've successfully used.

    Personally, the one feature I am really anxious to have is a "subtask"-type ToDo list that uses the built-in ToDo database. Arranger comes close to this, but isn't quite as convenient as going directly to a ToDo program that immediately allows you to drag/drop tasks beneath others. I've made some suggestions to the author that would strengthen this feature; hopefully he will consider them for a future release.

    If anyone is looking for a good programming idea, I think this would be a killer app. I may try to develop one myself but have found my time to be rather limited lately -- so... any takers?

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    I am using TODO+ and MEMO PLUS along with Datebk4. So far I am not seeing any conflicting issues. I did have some problems with Datebk4 but I don't think they were related to TODO+ or MEMO PLUS. I say try Datebk4, I give it **** out of 5 stars!
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    Thanxs, I shall.

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    DateBk4 becomes extremely unstable the second you enter a registration code; then all hell breaks loose. After using it for a month, both my wife and I were at the point where even deleting the database file and re-entering all our preferences didn't help - as soon as it's registered, it breaks.

    If you want to crash it consistently (a masochist?), just enter a few characters in a blank timeslot and, while the cursor is in the timeslot, just hit the up or down buttons. You'll advance to the nex day--and so will the entry you were typing--followed shortly by a fatal error that requires a reset. Almost 100% repeatable. Writing the registration code to the database must overwrite or offset some other preferences.

    I'm sure all the bugs will be out in the b release; until then, if you experience problems I'd suggest not bothering to re-enter your registration code until you get th new version.

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