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    i just installed chatter and i recieve my emails no problem from my imap server.
    but when i click on reply to an open email my 650 resets.. and help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmmm.... Do you have an SMTP profile set up? Go to "Edit Mailbox" -> "Other" and tap the "Create SMTP Profile" button.


    p.s. Obviously, it shouldn't crash...
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    Thanks Mark, I just bought a Treo 600 and discovered Chatter. I too had the reset issue and didn't realize I did not set up a SMTP part of the account yet. I did this as you suggested and now it works great. In the other email apps I have tried (Versamail, SnapperMail, Agendus Mail) the SMTP server part is one step in the initial setup and I was a bit confused about setting it up separately in Chatter.

    Thanks for the great online support here on TreoCentral
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    OK, after reading the first page of the manual I see that the SMTP option is indeed one of the initial steps. I can't wait to try this out some more. Thanks.
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