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    Discuss your opinions of the news article about the Outlook E-mail Security patch here.

    James Hromadka
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    As long as Microsoft screw themselves, as vendors of Windows CE (or whatever its now called), equally, its probably OK.
    I don't know about anybody else, but I found the channel to Outlook here at work PAINFULLY slow, and have quit using it entirely. For that matter, I use my Palm desktop not at all either, except as backup. All the functions that Outlook or the Palm desktop does (except send and receive e-mail), I do using the Visor...
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    Developers work so hard to remove idiocy from the system. There should be an initial warning box before opening attachments that reads, "Don't Be A Dumbass!"

    I know not installing the security patch will only work for so long.

    Well, until Microsoft comes up with something a little more Palm friendly, I'm keeping things just they way they are.

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  4. JJR
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    use netscape....
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    Truesync beats the built-in conduit hands-down.
    Best thing about it too is that you can get it for free by signing up with Excite's addressbook service.

    At one time, I had Truesync synchronizing with my Rex, Notes, Visor, Outlook and my Excite address book without any glitches.

    And it integrates nicely too with the HotSync product, it just takes over Outlook synching for you.

    FINALLY! It does not have the synching problem with Outlook! I applied the MS fix and it still works as usual!

    Check it out!

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    I'll second JJR. I synch with Netscape, and love it. E-mail, Internet, and newsgroups all in one program.

    Plus, why use a program that is the target of every virus author on the planet?

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    If I could find a decent PIM that worked with the Visor and had a good calendar, I'd probably dump Outlook right now. Any suggestions?

    James Hromadka
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    Outlook is a very capable PIM. It is the corporate standard in our company and many, many others. I have used others but none can touch Outlook in the area of integration with other programs. An example is Winfax. If you need to send a fax, Winfax will use Outlooks address book for the fax number. It will not use Franklin Planners or Eudora. For me, I don't mind having to click on a dialog box (I use intellisync). One thing I don't understand, if a worm is activated by executing it's program, what does it matter if you run the program from Outlook or save it to disk and then run it?

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  9. RJT
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    I too find Outlook to be a DECENT PIM. There's another option remaining for all the whining going on regarding the fix.

    Don't install it.

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    Folks are whining because many businesses will, at some point, automatically install security updates from Microsoft. The user has no say in the matter.
  11. RJT
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    No entirely true. As with some early MS-NT serv packs (1 and 2), they were fraught with errors. It didn't take long for businesses to avoid them like the plague. After you take a cursory look at what this fix does and doesn't do, I think most people running peripherals like palm, VS etc will opt not to install it. My experience has shown the business arena (vs the public sector) to be far more careful and thoughtful when it comes to installing new software. Any business that goes along blindly and installs stuff simply because it says "Fix" in its titled, should be spanked.

    Believe me, I'm no MS protector. It's stikes me as odd though, how there's such a strong MS bashing undertone to many of the threads on this forum. Microsoft in my opinion has tried to stop an attack on its system. I can't tell you how many times over the last couple of years I have had to go back to Symantec to retrieve updated sig files to correct errors inherent in the first release.
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    To quote a colleague, "That sucks."

    I got this to ease my workload (or at least make me more efficient), now this? Sigh.

    Living in an Outlook (corporate) world her in NY, NY...guess I'll have to muddle thru
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    RJT - By automatically I meant without end user involvement (i.e. via SMS or similar automated means). I did NOT mean that patches are rolled out without testing . . . sorry for the confusion.
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    Originally posted by JHromadka:
    If I could find a decent PIM that worked with the Visor and had a good calendar, I'd probably dump Outlook right now. Any suggestions?
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