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    is there any place i can order a backup stylus without a pen attached? i can't seem to find it anywhere including ebay. i have had bad experiences with the pen getting stuck and it is a real hassle getting it out.
    morris stalk
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    Hmmm, If I understand you correctly, just click 'Accessories' above at the top of this web page and then pick 'Styli' from the menu. They differ with the various Treo models.

    Here's the 650:

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    has both...with pen version (SKU 6696) for $20 and without pen version (SKU 6677) for $15 but only available Feb. 18th

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    The new pens on the palmone site do not have the "cap pops off, now it's stuck" problem of the old pen styli that were available from styluscentral. The pen cap is threaded on the pointed end. I have the set of three of them. It's always great to have a pen on you at all times!
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    Everyone seems to be assuming that morrie is looking one for the 650 rather than the 600, so I'm going to assume the same.

    You shouldn't have any problems with the OEM stylus pens because the caps are screw-ons, not the ones that pop off like Clue mentioned. And plus, even if the stylus pen does get stuck for some crazy reason, you can always remove the battery cover and get it unstuck. I have a few myself and never had any problems with them.

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